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20% Off Hangai Mountain Textiles

Through December 23, 2020


At checkout to receive 20% Off

About Hangai Mountain Textiles

Hangai Mountain Textiles is our family-owned and run business based in Basalt, Colorado with a presence in Mongolia, where we source our fibers, and where we have lived and worked for more than a decade. 

Our unique collection of yak down, baby camel and cashmere blankets and throws are knit and woven in Mongolia from hand-combed natural fibers, ensuring that the value-added production remains in-country for the herder families, and the knitters and weavers, with whom we partner.

Rare yak down is our passion because it is exquisitely soft, warm and, unbleached and undyed. Yak  have a special sustainability story. Yak are relatively light on the land because they graze without uprooting the native steppe grasses like other animals.  The yak down used to weave and knit our throws and blankets is sourced largely from the Hangai mountains, which inspired our brand name. The Hangai are located in Mongolia’s central heartland. 

Hangai Mountain Textiles is unique because our throws and blankets are produced exclusively in Mongolia. We develop our products with our partners: herder families, local associations and cooperatives, knitters and weavers who share our values that embrace fair trade, sustainable production, local empowerment, and traceability.  

Together with Mongolian and U.S. entrepreneurs, we are building an international brand that showcases Mongolia’s extraordinary natural fibers and in this fashion we are also helping preserve tradition and culture.

 - Betina & Bill Infante

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Luxurious and Affordable Home Living

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We are pleased to announce
​Djuna is the Exclusive Bella Notte Branded Dealer in Colorado!

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Carefully Curated 

Djuna’s online boutique offers a carefully curated selection of unique designer furniture and home décor.

We select every item on our site by hand to ensure that you’ll find high-quality products that you’ll love.

Our selection includes new and custom furniture as well as unique found objects and antiques purchased on Djuna sponsored buying trips to France, Mexico and Argentina.

Furniture that is authentic &

has soul.

Astound Your Senses

Distinctive homes demand dramatic furnishings and decor. Djuna brings a practiced eye to discovering treasures from around the globe — lush furnishings; eclectic vintage art; elegant fabrics; modern romantic linens; antiques, custom upholstered sofas, chairs and beds; architectural and garden salvage—which will inspire your personal style.

Shop by STYLE

Mountain Modern
Transitional Room
French Country
Modern Farmhouse
Transitional Room
Boho Chic
Modern Farmhouse Room
French Country
Traditional Room
Mountain Modern
Modern Farmhouse Room

Djuna's Favorites

Why Djuna?

Walk into Djuna and you will feel as if you have been swept away to another land - surrounded by treasures from around the world as well as unique finds from exclusive vendors!

The name was inspired by the eccentric American writer, artist, and illustrator Djuna Barnes.

The unique ‘Djuna look’ is as colorful and eclectic as she was!

Known for its one-of-kind pieces, the Djuna store is a cabinet of curiosity and a feast for the eyes!


Located in the heart of Denver’s Antique Row, Djuna’s 7000 square foot store is a must see your next trip to Colorado! All of us, including our shop dogs, Cousin Ebo and Hairy will give you a very warm welcome!!

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